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Asset Management

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As people acquire wealth, they find the first and often most difficult aspect is to simply keep it.  The more you acquire, the larger a "target" you become for the IRS, stockbrokers, investment advisors, friends, relatives, and, well just about everyone.

We recognize that a sound financial strategy needs a strong financial structure to support and defend it.  In combination with your trusted financial advisors, we can assemble and implement such a structure, then work with you to grow the assets it contains.

Whether you have plan to continue asset growth, prepare for retirement, protect your retirement funds, or pass on those assets to future generation, Galindo Fox has the experience and expertise to confidently manage your goals.

Corporate Assets

  • Pension funds

  • Employee trusts

  • Trust management

  • Fiduciary controls

Personal Assets

  • Real Estate

  • Family Trusts

  • Mutual Funds

  • Asset Manager oversight




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