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   17068 Chatsworth St

   Granada Hills, CA 91344

Business Law

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At Galindo Fox Law, our philosophy is pro-active and solution-oriented.  We are committed to finding, developing, creating, and implementing solutions that preserve our clients' legal interests while promoting their business objectives.

As with any successful endeavor, adequate preparation for contingencies and an understanding of the landscape, climate and local resources is essential.  Similarly, we believe that a solid grasp of your business and industry is essential to providing the best possible solutions and the highest quality of legal services.  For that reason, we go to great lengths to understand our clients' unique businesses, philosophies and objectives.

We strongly believe that our role as business lawyers involves more than simply preparing a document or delivering answers to legal questions. In our practice, we strive to offer maximum value to our clients by providing solutions that combine legal precision with pragmatic ingenuity. Whether our work involves legal drafting, evaluation and advising, strategic business counseling or transaction structuring and negotiation, our objective is to deliver premium legal services that best suit your specific needs and cost-management concerns.  As you maneuver through the legalities of a dynamic business landscape, allow us to assist you in that process.

Our services include:

  • Contract preparation and review

  • Business litigation

  • Uniform Commercial Code resolutions

  • Incorporations

  • Corporate compliance

  • Commercial Transactions

  • Technology and Intellectual Property

  • Media and Entertainment




Master Negotiators & Litigators

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