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Family Law

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The handling of your Family law is very important to us.  The lives of spouses, children, and relatives and deeply affected by such cases and deserve the utmost attention.

Our Family Law practice is focused on all areas of family and divorce law.  These include:

Unmarried clients

We regularly deal with issues related to prenuptial agreements, paternity issues, cohabitation agreements, palimony, and domestic partnerships.


With the recent changes sweeping the USA regarding partnerships, it is important to review your rights and prepare for any laws that may arise.



Divorce cases

We handle all aspects, including child custody, child support, spousal support, business valuation, and the valuation and distribution of property.


The division of property may involve complicated issues related to whether assets are separate property or community property, and accounting issues often arise concerning tracing the source of funds used to acquire or improve property. Some cases may also involve an attempt by one spouse to gain an unfair financial advantage over the other, which the law prohibits.



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