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   17068 Chatsworth St

   Granada Hills, CA 91344

Real Estate Law

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At Galindo Fox Law, our philosophy is pro-active and solution-oriented.  We are committed to finding, developing, creating, and implementing solutions that preserve our clients' legal interests while promoting their business objectives.

Our Real Estate practice covers commercial, rental, personal, and inheritance law.  We can assist in advancing our client's interests in these areas.  Should the need arise, we are also quite familiar with all aspects - and both sides - of disputes in these areas.

Our skills and experience in business law, estate planning, and family law benefit our real estate clients, too, as all include the breakdown of a relationship that involves property, and are experiences in how to value, trade, and exchange assets to resolve ownership interest.

Our services include:

Rental Properties and Commercial Leasing

  • Lease preparation and review

  • Landlord / tenant disputes

  • Eviction processing and litigation

Acquisitions, Sales and Transfers

  • LLP, LLC, Partnership, REIT, and Corporation structures

  • Partition actions

  • Straight sales

  • Dissolution and sales

  • Inheritance

  • Divorce sales and transfers

  • Valuation




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