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   17068 Chatsworth St

   Granada Hills, CA 91344

Why Us

Experienced Knowledgeable Dependable



Why retain us?

Galindo Fox Law embodies all the qualities you want - and need - in a law firm:


We are NOT some huge multinational firm with fifty people on the letterhead where you are just another numbered case crawling though their junior staffers.  We ARE the right size to have all the experience and knowledge of the large firms, while maintaining personal contact with you, the client.  Everyone in our office will know who you are and be there to help you succeed.



Over thirty years of successful litigation and practice by our founder alone, Marcia Galindo.  Along with rest of the seasoned attorneys at Galindo Fox, you have a legal team with all the experience you need to work through the complex California Court and legal system and bring you out the other side.



Simply put, the client comes first.  If you are in need of legal support, the last thing you need is to be unsure of how much attention your attorney is devoting to your case.  Every member of the Galindo Fox Law team is a dedicated professional that is in it to win your case and provide you with the best support possible.


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Master Negotiators & Litigators

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